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Moving Home

A household removal is hard work, on the day and beforehand. Even if you hand over the whole task to a removal professional, there are decisions and preparations you will still need to make, and we can show you what and how. We have advice on how to go about deciding what you can do and what you want to do. We’ll show you how to prepare the project, and when you’ve seen what’s involved, that will help you to choose the service you want. You‘ll discover what to expect from your remover - and what to expect from yourself.

The key to a successful move

Moving home is an exciting event. It can either conjure up echoes of holidays and festivals and birthdays, with the packing and unwrapping culminating in the housewarming party, or it can be a distress purchase you know will go wrong and that lives down to your expectations.

Most people do not move often. Household removal is a major expense, and a major upheaval, full of stress. The final part, after the estate agents and lawyers, the buyers and sellers, is the actual move, and is easily underestimated.

It does not have to be a nightmare. Remember, as with most things, you can only pick two out of the three - fast, cheap, or right. Preparation is the key.

The removal deals with the physical pieces of your life, not pieces of paper or electronic transfers. Household removal involves your belongings, your home and everyday life, yet it is surprising how many people think that the removal is a corner to cut, something to be skimped. It is important to put it in perspective - how much would you spend on a new kitchen, or three piece suite, or even a holiday?

Your removal is your present to yourself.

When you unwrap it - when you step across that threshold - what would you like to find inside the box?

These pages will help you find a gift - your home.  See more about moving here Aberystwyth Removals and Storage


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