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House Move - First considerations

First considerations

House Move ConsiderationsWhere do you start? Do you roust out a box for your best china? Panic about finding a big enough case for the television?

No.  We will come to those later.  Think like a professional and start with the access.

Start outside.

Think of your access. A removal has a collection and delivery, so there are two premises to consider, inside and out. Ask the following questions for each property:

What is the access like for a removal vehicle? Is the road wide or narrow? Are there parking restrictions? How far must everything be carried from house to removal vehicle? Is the gateway wide? How long is the garden path? Is it paved? Is it rough or smooth, flat or steep? Does it go up or down to the house? Are there any steps to the door, and if so, what are they like?


House move - first considerations.  Start outside.How many doors are there, and do they open freely or have heaters or radiators that might reduce room to manoeuvre? Once inside, how many floors are there? Are the stairs broad; steep; straight? Are there any special difficulties, such as a spiral staircase, low ceilings, narrow doorways,


Have there been any alterations to the house - even adding electric sockets in a hallway - since the furniture was moved in?


The few minutesí thought on the above will help you begin to realise what will be involved in your removal, and that will help you prepare. Now think of your home itself. Is it sparsely furnished, or cluttered? Are you taking everything?

Consider any unusually large items (more than 7ft tall and/or 6ft long and/or 2ft deep) or heavy items (requiring more than 2 porters). Think of the items to be dismantled and reassembled. Think of the rest of the furniture, even the small pieces, room by room. Now consider all the other contents of your home, not just the furniture. Again, think room by room, even the passageways, floor to ceiling, inside and out.

How many cupboards and shelves are there in each room, including the garage, barn workshop, etc.?

Think of the contents of the cupboards and bookcases and shelves. How many metres of books, of hanging clothes? How many boxes of tools? Remember the pictures and mirrors.

Can you calculate how many bags and boxes there will be? Will you have a few items to move once everything is packed, or many?

Think not only in terms of the size of your sofa, and the total volume of the large and small items, but also think of the number of items to be carried.

Does your back ache yet at the thought? Help is at hand. Whether you are planning to use a professional service, or do it yourself - read on!

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