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A Moving Story

 Leaving Aberaeron Aberaeron House Removal

“Aberystwyth Removals & Storage. May I help you?”
Most jobs start like that, and then each one takes its own path. No removal is like any other. Just as every house is different because its inhabitants make it so, so is each removal.

Mrs. Jones was an elderly lady. Charlie, our removal estimator, was aware of that before he knocked on the door of the house because Mrs. Jones had told me that she had lived in Aberaeron for forty-seven years, all her married life. Widowed two years before, her failing health meant she had to move, and she was going to a bungalow in Brighton to be near her married daughter. Arthritis and angina meant that our full service was called for, and Charlie was glad to put her mind at rest with the assurance that we would do everything. We would pack the china and glassware, all the capo di monte ornaments, the kitchen pots and pans, the linen, the clothes and books, and the garden tools from the shed. Everything but the kitchen sink! All she had to do was take it easy and tell us what went where in the new house.

On the day of removal, Mrs. Jones was almost alarmed to see the size of our bright orange removal van outside her pink Aberaeron house - at least at first! It was so big! However, once she saw how many boxes and bags were filled from her shelves and cupboards, she began to fear it would not all fit in, and she confided as much to our driver as she offered him a cup of tea.

“Don’t you worry, it’s got elastic sides,” said Tom. “This is a lovely cup of tea.” He put her at ease by explaining that everything fitted like a jigsaw, with blankets around each piece of furniture to stop chafing, and several long webbing ties to secure the load in transit. She told him she had picked our removal company because she had heard good reports from the neighbours, and because we had sent her a written quotation with each cost set out clearly - and apparently I had been helpful on the phone, explaining the small print.

Tea break over, Tom and the chaps got back to work. True to Tom’s word, everything fitted on the van, even the coal bunker that Mrs. Jones decided she could not leave behind in Aberaeron after all. The house looked quite forlorn when empty, and Mrs. Jones’s chin wobbled when she declared she could not believe her whole house, her whole past, was all on our removal van.

On the way to Brighton there was a dodgy moment in Llandeilo when a motorist seemed to think a removal van could get through a gap too small for a bicycle, but the journey was otherwise uneventful. What made the removal memorable was the letter Mrs. Jones’ daughter wrote to us three weeks later, telling us how easy we had made a difficult occasion, but that Mrs. Jones had left her heart in Aberaeron, and not survived two weeks away from it.

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