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House Move - Packing

How to Pack your belongings securely

If you are thinking of doing your own packing, please read these guidelines and follow them as closely as possible.

Packing of small and delicate items must be done expertly, but there is much more to packing than just protecting the best china. Every carton, whatever the contents, should be wrapped and secured with the same thoroughness and care as if it is to be sent by post.

What is packing for?

Packing does two things. It protects fragile and delicate items and it gathers several articles together to make one object to carry. Good packing is an absolute necessity if removal staff are to do their job safely and efficiently.

Poor packing is a hindrance to you and the removal staff. It makes cartons awkward to carry securely and the staff will find it difficult to stack the van properly. This may cause a delay if they cannot keep to their timetable. If they have to complete your unfinished packing or repack unsuitable containers there would be extra costs to you.

Where do I start packing?

Start well in advance. 90% of people underestimate both the time they need to pack properly and the number of boxes required. Ask yourself if you really want to do your own packing, and if you have the time - packing is not something that can be left to the last minute, i.e. removal day. If you do decide to do your own packing, follow these directions to achieve a professional result.

Make sure you have the right materials to start with - stout cartons with lids or overlapping flaps, clean wrapping paper, strong adhesive tape, stout bin liners, labels, pen. Pack directly from the cupboard, do not empty it first or you will have nowhere to put the box. Label each box/container with a general description of its contents so that you will know where to find things. Put on each box and bag the name and number of the room to which it is going. Stack your boxes as they are finished to give yourself more room.

What sort of boxes should I use?

We can supply the right sort of cartons. If you obtain cardboard boxes elsewhere they should not be smaller than 2 cubic feet ( i.e. 1ft. x 1ft. x 2ft.). The weight in each box should not be heavier than one person can lift. The boxes must be sound, dry and strong enough to hold what you are going to put in them. Use original packaging if available.

How do I close the boxes?

Cardboard boxes must be closed and taped at the top. Nothing should protrude from the top. When closed the box should be full and the top should be flat so that the box can be stacked. A half-full box wastes space and will collapse if a heavy box is placed on top of it. Two inch wide adhesive tape (not masking tape) should be used along the full length of every seam. Do not use string.

Can I use plastic crates?

These should be used only if they can be stacked. Nothing which will protrude from the top should be placed in them. They must be suitable for stacking when full.

Can I use bin liners?

It is a good idea to put soft items in strong plastic bin liners which must be tied at the top. These bags are particularly suitable for bed-linen, towels, curtains, tablecloths etc., clothing and soft toys. Do not put heavy, hard or sharp items in them.

How should I pack fragile items?

The aim of wrapping up an item is to put a layer of air around it to act as a cushion. Use plenty of crumpled paper under the bottom layer and between each of the subsequent layers. Make sure that the top layer is as flat as possible. Cushions or linen may be used as padding to level off the top if appropriate. Mark boxes clearly if they contain fragile items.

What should I pack?

Articles including clothes may be left in drawers (apart from the drawers in bed bases) provided they are covered with a towel, sheet or similar, tucked in around the edges. Articles liable to leak or break should not be left in drawers but packed in boxes instead.

In addition to china, ornaments, books, food, linen, contents of cupboards, shelves etc. , the following items must also be put in boxes:

J baskets (small)

J bathroom scales

J buckets (small)

J cassette player & speakers

J C.D. player & speakers

J computer, word processor

J clocks (small)

J cushions (small)

J electric heaters (small)

J electric appliances (small)

J food mixer, processor, blender

J garden tools (bundled or boxed)

J glass panes or sheets, including table tops

J grandfather clock works

J lamps and lampshades

J loose arm and back covers    (chairs, settees)

J mirrors

J pictures (& photographs)

J potted plants/plant pots

J radio

J record player and speakers

J remote control (television & video)

J rugs (small)

J tea tray

J telephone, answering machine, fax

J toys

J typewriter

J wardrobe contents

Jweighing scales (kitchen)

J video recorder



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